How to start beekeeping business and cost of capital required?

The cost for bee keeping is not a fix thing. In the bee keeping some cost will be fixed and some are variable costs it's  depend on many things. The rates are not fixed for the bee,s some times it will be less or more. If the season going to start soon there will be high rates by the beepers because they know the honey harvesting time is near and we have to harvest honey if we sell the bee,s then we must be the high return.

If you want to start bee keeping India then it may cost up to 4000Rs. To 5000Rs. approximately per bee colony. If you purchased a bee box it's one time investment. If you want to purchase a colony with bees it is also a one time investment but it may be increase or decrease. If you want to buy the other equipment which was one time investment like honey extractor, smoker, hive tools etc. They will be one time cost.

If you want to give the feed to the bees are not fixed it may be increase or decrease. It depends on seasons and bees you have. If you have more bees then you need to feed more if less it will be low.

The bee keeping can be start with any amount you desire. But if you want to start for hobby it may be grown up slowly and your investment is up to you how much you want to invest.

If you are going to start as a business you must be start with approximately 50 to 100 colonies. You will have to invest according to your work and how much you want to earn. With time your colony will increase by dividing the colony.

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