Bee Keeping in India

Bee Keeping potential in india

Unemployment is a big problem in india. People search for there own job but it is not very easy to establish any business with out large investment. Market place is a another issue to sell their product in market. In these conditions beekeeping is a better business there is no problem to sell honey. In bee keeping we produce not only the honey but we got many things like wax, pollen, pro-polish, royal jelly. You can start the bee keeping business or work in very low amount. First you trained your self by doing work with someone who is already doing bee keeping. You can search many more knowledge from internet website we can help to build your own bees farm.

The purpose of beekeeping

The production of honey is the main purpose of beekeeping, one that the beekeeper pursues before everything else, because this product is valuable and because it can be weighed and priced. Honey is an excellent food, a good remedy, the best of all sweeteners. And we can sell honey in many forms just as we can consume it in many forms: as it is, in confectionery, in cakes and biscuits, in healthy and pleasant drinks – mead, apple-less cider, grape-less wines.
It is also worth noting that beekeeping is a fascinating activity and consequently rests both mind and body. Furthermore, beekeeping is a moral activity, as far as it keeps one away from cafés and low places and puts before the beekeeper an example of work, order and devotion to the common cause. Moreover, beekeeping is a pre-eminently healthy and beneficial activity, because it is most often done in the fresh air, in fine, sunny weather.
Working on the land is best suited to the needs of human beings. There, both mind and body play their part.
But society needs its thinkers, its office workers and its machine operatives. Clearly these people cannot run farms at the same time. But in their leisure time (they must have some of it) they can be gardeners and beekeepers and at the same time satisfy their human needs.
                    This work is better than all modern sports with their excesses, their promiscuity, their nudity. Finally, one more important thing: the bees fertilize the flowers of the fruit trees. Apiculture thus contributes greatly to filling our fruit baskets. This reason alone should suffice to urge all those who have the smallest corner of orchard to take up beekeeping.

     Certain fruit producers, above all viticulturists, set themselves up in opposition to bees because bees come and drink the sweet juices of fruit and grapes. But if we investigate the bee closely we soon notice that they ignore the intact fruits and only empty those with pellicles that are already perforated by birds or by the strong mandibles of wasps. The bee only gathers juice which, without it, would dry up and be wasted. It is totally impossible for bees to commit the theft they are accused of, because the masticatory parts of its mouth are not strong enough to enable it to perforate the fruit pellicle that protects the pulp.