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Sivaganga is a city and headquarters of the Sivaganga district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Sivaganga is a rani velunachiyar kingdom of Tamil Nadu. It is an important city in this district for official and commercial purposes.Wikipedia . Find Sivaganga on Map.

Pure raw honey 1kg. = 1400 Rs.

Sivaganga is the most popular city for us we supply lots of honey there. If any one living in the Sivaganga can order us to buy the raw honey for them you can contact us to buy by click on this link contact us .

We supply good quality honey in all over India. We are the huge producer of the honey of Indian Bee's (Apis Cerana) and Apis Mellifera (Italian Bee) and selling in all over India including south India and eastern India. The details of the rates are given in the website and you can watch this list by clicking this link Raw Honey for Sale raw honey is the best form of honey to consume. Raw honey is the simply cleared by using clean thin cloth to remove the unnecessary parts from the honey. The processed honey contains less nutritional value then the raw honey.

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Raw Honey is the pure honey

The processing of honey is warmed honey by indirect heat in 65 Degree Centigrade to clear. But in this level of temperature mostly micro nutrients are burned and they loss many good contents from the honey that's why the Raw Honey is the best honey to consume.

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