Bee Artificial Pollen Rate List

Hi friends

We are producing good quality of Artificial pollen to feed bees. Bee Keepers always searching for the solutions of the bees to feed them in the dearth period. If you want to purchase the Pollen the list of the rates given bellow:

We have 500gms packing available to sale in India. We can supply online in all over India the shipping or courier/delivery charges including in the product. 

The rate of the 500gms is per

Rate: 270 Rs.

Note: But you must fulfill minimum order amount requirement of 1kg. or more at once. Bellow one kg of pollen can't be delivery outside our city, Kurukshetra- Haryana.

We are not giving any guarantee of profit  or loss in the bee keeping business.

You can order online by filling form to click this link

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