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Reason of Bee & Butter fly don't destroy the flower

The honey bee and butterfly visiting the flowers to collect their food. They love to collect the pollen and nectar from flowers. They goes and collect the nectar as a source of carbohydrates and protein. They gently visit the flowers and never destroy the flowers. Some bee keepers think that the bee can destroy the flowers and this will effect the crop but its just only a myth.

Pollination will help to grow crops

It was noticed that the bees and butterfly pollinate the flowers. They suck the nectar only through the needles in the mouth they have. They always going not only a single flower but many times they visiting the flowers other bee visited before her. So if the bee destroy the flowers then how she will visit again. The bee's are very useful for the farmers for getting more out of their fields as a crops.

Bee's visiting 2000 flowers daily if available

If the outdoor condition is full of flowers then a single bee visited around the 2000 flowers a day. That's very important for the flowers to bloom and spread their spores in to other flowers. Bee's can travel and visiting the flowers but the tree's don't that's why its very important for the farmers.

No Bee's No more grains

Bee Collecting Pollen


The bee's were very important if the bee's dead from the earth the most of the variety of trees and crops don't grow. That's why the bee's were very successful pollinator to grow and creating new variety of flowers and other tree's.

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