What is Mushroom


Mushroom is one of the best diet, which contains protein, minerals and vitamins like Nutritive material in a sufficient quantity. Mushroom is having less quantity of fats due to this reason it is very good diet for heart patients and due to the very less carbohydrates mushroom is most suitable diet for diabetic patients. Mushroom is not required direct sunlight as it is required in case of vegetables which are having green leaves plants but the beds of the mushroom should be protected from the direct sunlight and rains so the mushroom is grown either in house or in hut or any cover and below the any cover of the root which is having sufficient aeriation. About one dozen mushroom spaces are commercially grown in the world but in Haryana mainly two spaces are cultivated which are grown at commercial level. The description detail is given in the table:-

Table:- On the basis of the season to popular spaces are cultivated on the basis of time and temperature. 
Sr. No. Mushroom Optimum Temperature Optimum time for cultivation
1. White Button or European Mushroom For spawning 20- 25 degree Celsius for production During production 14-18 degree centigrade In Winter-Nov.- February.
2. Oyster Mushroom or Dhingri 20-30 degree centigrade Whole Year except May-June.

For above all mushroom is required maximum humidity above 80% the higher temperature above than optimum temperature is harmful to all mushroom but due to low temperature the growth of the spawn germination and the growth of the mushroom slow down.