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Native Bees: Varied and Valuable

In the United states of America the native bee's are very important for Pollination. Bee's pollinate millions of flower of fruits and crops. We don't ignore the value of the bee's here I give you a little information about Bee's importance of bees specially Native bee's in USA


Habropoda laboriosa

Native bees comes in a very wide array of sizes, shapes, and colors. They are also varied in by their life styles, the places they lived, the nests they build, the flowers they visited, and their activities. They remain ignored or unknown by mostly of us in our life. Yet, they provide an invaluable ecosystem & environmental services, pollination, up to 80 percent of flowering plants. What would our world be like without the beauty of the flowering trees, shrub, and wild flowers. How many of us know that bees pollinate approximately 75 percent of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables grown in this country of United States of America.

Bees are efficient foragers and they working hard. One example is the southeastern blueberry bee, Habropoda laboriosa is a hard working little creature capable of visiting as many as 50,000 blueberry flowers in her short life and pollinating enough of them to produce more than 6,000 ripe blueberries. At market those 6,000 blueberries are worth approximately $30 or more. Not every bee that you see flitting about may be worth $30, but all of them combined keep the world of flowering plants going. The world as we know it would not exist if there were no bees to pollinate the earth’s 249,000 flowering plants.

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