What prize of honey in the market?


Bee Keeping is well know as a honey harvesting business with profit. It is also called as hidden Gold in the nature. Honey is the best sweetener in the world we can use it as a sugar. Honey is pure and no harm to eat regular. Honey has good quality nutrients in it and also very tasty. Children and old peoples like to eat the honey in many ways.

Nutrients value 

Honey is rich nutrients values it's healthy to eat. Raw honey is the best form to use it. Even though there are any other forms are available in the market. Processed honey, Comb honey, its depend on quality of the honey. Processed honey is not much nutrients in it the micro nutrients are not available in the honey if we processed the honey. After heating the honey the micro nutrients from the honey is damaged so if you want to eat honey please buy it from any bee keepers directly. They clean the honey only by a net this form is the best to use.

Market Price of the Honey

The rate of the honey is not fixed always it depends on many things. The variety of the honey is matter how much price you will have to pay for your honey. There are too many different flowers in the nature. Every flower has different color. Honey also have many color some are dark in color some are light. Some honey are transparent like a water. The color is depending of different color's of the flowers. The price of the honey is in India up to 250Rs. Kg to 1000Rs. per kg as per the variety and the quality of the honey.

Moisture content in the honey 

The moisture content is also very important to know if you want to preserve the honey for future uses. Bee Keepers sometimes harvest the unsealed honey in the unsealed honey the moisture content is much then in the sealed honey. If you are a bee keeper you will have to notice that the honey is only be harvested when it was sealed by the bee's. The nectar directly comes from the flowers contains more water content in it if water content is more then 20% may be contaminated soon the fungus will be created in the honey so don't harvest the honey till the honey get sealed by the bee's.

Value addition of honey 

If you want to get more benefits and sell your honey in the high rate you need to enhanced the value addition of your honey. You can make some products and sell the honey in the high rate. You can read about the value addition in our other pages. We suggest you to maintain the quality of the honey and make the value addition to make big profit and always serve your best to the customer for long term relations.

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