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Integrated BeeKeeping Development Centre(IBDC)

Ramnagar, Kurukshetra Haryana

 IBDC is an Indo-Israel Project to promote the bee keeping in India. This centre promote the bee keeping in a scientific way. In India mostly bee keepers practice the tradition way of style. They harvest the honey from brood chamber and unripe honey with moisture above 20%.

The centre provided many facility to new bee keepers and working bee keepers in India. They arranged trainings free of cost for the resident of Haryana. Many types of subsidies on diffrent types of helping tools used in bee keeping and for bees.

On bee keeping tools and equipment 85% subsidy & if anyone wants to buy bees then 75% subsidy will be provided to the bee keepers.

The eligibility of bee keepers is to registered at the madhu kranti portal must be required. 

The centre is established in 25 acres of land with trees and garden. You can visit in office hours in the centre to know more about the centre.

Some important links are given bellow

Contact person:

Dr Billu Yadav

Deputy Director Horticulture.

Mobile: +91 9967688004



Udyan Bhawan, Sector 21, Panchkula (Haryana)



For any other information please contact us

Here are some pictures of IBDC RAMNAGAR

Training hall IBDC

Training Video IBDC


More information will be posted soon please stay connected with us for more updates

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