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Bee Keeping is a good work for business and for the hobby. Bee's can sting to avoid the danger and strangers to away from them. The male bee don't have any sting so they don't bite anyone. The queen can sting but she will use only to other queen in her hive. Worker bee's which was the same female but can't lays eggs. She is an un-fertile female bee. Worker bee's can sting but this is good for the bee keepers because she only sting once. When she stings the stinger is coming out from her back and she will die soon.

Because she stings only once in her life its less painful rather then if she will able to sting more then once. Some bee's can sting more then once they are more dangerous. Stinging of honey bee's have many other benefits. Sting therapy is very popular to cure the arthritis and knee pain and joint pains. Its useful if bee stung you.

Many bee keepers don't use to start bee keeping because they afraid to stung by bee's. Ordinary people never wants to come in contact with the bee's because of their sting.

Bee Sting is preventing bee's colony from the enemies. They keeping away their enemies by stinging them to save their hive. This is a safety system to them. If they don't able to sting the enemy will destroy them soon. They produce honey and its food for them and if other creature attack them to get their food source like pollen, honey then only sting can help them safe from them.

Bee stinger

Starting bee keeping is a very good idea its wonderful idea you can enjoy your life with nature. Bee's are very social insects you need not to take care of them too much. You can only take care of them in a week or two times in a week. That's enough time and you can get the sweet honey one of the best food in the world. The extract of the earth pollen is the best source of the protein. You can get many benefits from them as a bee products. Like wax, honey, pollen, propolis, bee venom etc.

If you are an Indian and want to start bee keeping anywhere in India then you can contact us for startup and for the education purpose. We deliver quality bee products and bee's of good quality. Continue visiting on our website for more updates, thanks for reading article.

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