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Bee Keeping in India

This website will help you to start and continue to become a beekeeper. It offers advice in a very practical manner, with step-by-step guidance at each stage of the way. The advice and information it contains are based on general beekeeping knowledge, my own experiences, my successes in beekeeping and, more importantly, my frequent early failings. No website on beekeeping can cover everything about such a vast subject, and so a decision was taken to steer the reader towards the practical rather than the theoretical side of the subject. It is hoped that, by doing so, this website should help to get you started. You can pick up the more theoretical aspects from specialist and beekeeping journals and papers. The important thing now is to begin to explore the exciting world of beekeeping

         In India beekeeping is has a big opportunity to grow as a business and as well as hobby concern. The main reason to developing this website is to help the youth in India to avail the business opportunity for their living. The unemployment in India is a big problem population is very large in amount but India is a agriculture based country. The basic understanding about bee keeping is required in this business and you only gain confidence by experience and trainings.

Bee Keeping is not only a good business but it is also known as a good hobby. Most of the beekeepers started their business as a hobby. The most important thing is relationship between nature and bee's. Bee's are the wild creatures and only live in the forests and natural environment. The person who is involved in the bee keeping work lived in the natural environment. The health of persons are depends on the environment he lived in. It is very important to keep bee's and grow them for humans and nature. So you are welcome in the world of Bee's ask anything you want and stay connected with us for updates. Candidates who wants to start this work can contact us we provide them all the facility for them to start.

         The first step is to learn about beekeeping. Then you can buy bee's from any where in country. If you want to buy from us we have also sell & Purchase bee's from our sites. If you want to buy tools related to beekeeping you can contact us. There is not any fixed cost in this business you can start with two, three, ten bee colonies or 100 colonies its all upon you. The cost of the bee colony is depends on the season's and approximately 4000 Rs. may cost for one colony or it depends on different reasons and states. So visit regularly on our website for latest updates.