When we think about to start the Bee Farming we must think once in a mind that How many square feet of land is needed for doing bee farming? There are too many things to know this about the space. Its not need to be own land to place your apiary. You can place anywhere the space is empty in the location. Bee's travels up to 2.5km around their location to get the food. If you placed the apiary in a area its not compulsory to take them in restricted area. They fly and going outside anywhere. Own land is not necessary to bee farming if you have your own land its good but it is not compulsory to be your own land.

Instead of these things we need to find the better places to migrate our bee's. I will suggest you to how to setting up an apiary in the very given place you find to migrate the bee,s. I described it in short if you have any problems related to this subject then contact us.

1) Space between each colony

If you shifting a colony or apiary at any other place then you keep in mind that the gap between the each colony. You must have to keep approximately 5feet distance in each colony from all the sides. If you can't mind the gap then there are some problems the bee's faced and effect to your working. You need to work with bee's and require space to work around in these things if the distance is less then you will have creating problems in handling with bee's.

2) Bee's drifting during the entrance

If you don't mind the gap properly then some times when air flow is fast or any other reasons they entered in wrong colony due to find the no difference between other colony. That's why the distance between colonies are very important.

3) Check for any other apiary at the same location

Its very necessary to check the location of others apiary in that area. If you find the any other apiary less then 2.5km then you need to change the location of your and others if the food source is available enough then it have no problem. But there are some other measure problems in this situation that if the bee's were infected with any other disease then whole bee's can affected with that.

4) Robbing Risk are more

If you can placed an apiary with others apiary then you have find more difficult when you feeding your bee's in the dearth period. There must be a risk of robbing. To avoid the robbing always find a good location for bee's alone without any others apiary.

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