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It is everybody’s concern to see that the rural communities generate sustainable incomes as soon as possible. Livestock production and marketing offers an option. Out of the various livestock enterprises, namely, poultry, fisheries, cattle, piggery, etc offers one of the best options for the rural communities and commercial farmers because of its minimal requirements for land, machinery and equipment, labor and capital investment.

In India, honey production potential is enormous, estimated at Million's metric tones per year. This potential is not yet fully exploited. The basic knowledge and skills needed to exploit the honey production potential are lacking among the technocrats and farmers. Over the years, several stakeholders including Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies have been carrying out training of farmers in their own ways without standard guide and uniformity.

Some of the guides/manuals used by the stakeholders are substandard. This practice has for long undermined efforts to increase production and enforce compliance to standards. This website has therefore been developed to provide the basic standards for training beekeepers all over India. It is my sincere hope that trainers, extension workers, farmers and students will find this website very valuable.

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