Pure Raw Honey for Sale

Honey is the best food in the world collected by honey bees. Raw honey is the best form of honey to consume. Raw honey is collected by the bee farmers and only cleaned by cloth. In it there is a good quantity of natural contents of honey. Process honey is only a heated honey in the indirect heat. The raw honey is not a processed honey. It is in its purest form so if you going to buy honey keep in mind always use unprocessed honey and buy from bee keepers. Avoid to less then two years of children don't give them honey to eat.
                                        We are beekeepers we collected honey from our bee farms. You can buy it from us online. Rates and quality is reasonable and good.

1 kg. Pure Raw Honey:      750 Rs. with free home delivery

500 gm. Pure Raw Honey: 450 Rs. with free home delivery

200 gm. Pure Raw Honey: 250 Rs. with free home delivery