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Functions of the queen bee

Queen Bee is an bee is the mother of the whole colony. She is only female fully fertilized and lays eggs after the matting with drone.

She lived in the colony and not going any outside job. Its job is only to produce eggs until her whole life. The all bee's are females but not capable of laying eggs. The other female which we call worker bee's are the same as the queen bee but in the process of the development of a queen is different. Queen bee fed by the royal jelly by the workers in the colony. The workers only make queen while they don't have mother to laying eggs for growth of colony.

The queen absence can be created for any reason the accidental death of the queen or queen is older. The queen can live up to 3 Years and she laying eggs until she was died.

Queen bee can lays up to 1500 eggs daily. Bee keepers love this business of bee keeping only of its nucleus growth. The bee colonies grows fast in the flowering seasons.

If any bee keeper want to grow their colony then every bee keepers need a good queen. Good queen can lays eggs more and its very important for the growth of the colony. The behavior of the colony is depending on the queen genetics. An aggressive bee colony can produce more aggressive queen if you want to produce new colony you need to select a colony with calm and peaceful from its beginning.

Queen bee can sting but she only use to sting other queen. When there is two queen cells and any other queen in the colony then the stronger queen kills the other queen. The stronger the queen can survive and becomes a mother of the colony.

New queen bee

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