Which species of honey bees are found commonly in Chandigarh?

In Chandigarh the real situation for honey bee's is not possible to know all about. But in the survey of our own behalf. We recognized that the Apis Cerana is an India bee in India most of the areas of Apis cerana bee's. Chandigarh is a beautiful city. 

More areas are suitable for bee's very different types of flowers available in the city. But due to busy traffic areas most bee's dies accidentally. That's why the bee's don't survive much.

Chandigarh is situated in valley of hills with lakes and gardens. But we never recommend the Bee Keeping in the city areas. Peoples were afraid from bee's to get sting. Its painful when a bee stung anyone. In the crowded areas peoples can make objection on keeping bee's in large quantity. 

Its good if you want to start bee keeping as a hobby. Large apiary is not good to placed. If you want few bee colony its good idea. Most bee keeper love to start bee keeping as a hobby. We help you to learn and start bee keeping in different of areas. No matter you want to start bee keeping as a hobby or as professional. 

We can supply the bee's in the whole India. You can contact us to purchase bee's and for training purpose. Stay connected with us and don't forget to buy the pure honey. We deliver honey in all over India.

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