Principles for Selecting bee species for apiculture

In the world many kinds of Apiculture varieties available. In the mostly forests area in the world every where the bee's are available. When we think about to keep bee's as a bee keeper, we are always in difficulty to find the right type of species.

First we will have to know about the no. of bee species for apiculture is available. Here I want to acknowledge you the types of species available in the world.  

The Italian Bee

The German Bee

The Carniolan Bee

The Caucasian Bee

The Buckfast Bee

The Russian Bee

Indian Scenario

Types of Bee's

In India we have mainly 4 variety of bees are most popular and known like Apis Dorsata, Apis Mellifera, Apis Cerana, Apis Florea.

Apis Dorsata (The rock Bee)

Some species are very angry in temperament so they are not comfortable to keep in the normal environment to control them according to your needs. Apis Dorsatta is very aggressive bee so we can't control that species to handle correctly. 


Apis Florea (The Little Bee)

Some bee species not producing large amount of honey thats why they are not popular like Apis Florea. This species is very calm and little bee. Its annual honey production is not more then 300 to 500 gms of honey.

Apis Cerana (The Indian Bee's)

Apis cerana produced the more honey then apis florea but due to its escaping tendency its not much popular. Its honey production is 8 to 10kg per colony. in mostly areas of India villagers were kept bee's easily in the season of flowers but after the flowering season they left their hives.

Apis Mellifera (The Italian Bee's)

The Italian bee's are imported from Italy. The Italian bee is very popular in India for bee keeping purpose. Its swarming tendency is low they don't leave the house easily. Its honey producing capacity is also good according to comparing other species. They are good pollinators also. According to bee keepers they find that apis mellifera give them 30 to 50kg of honey in a year in migratory conditions.

How to select right species of bee's for apiculture 

Its very difficult to tell about the right type of species for you to keep for honey production. but We can point out some basics to get the best things in the bee keeping. Here I want to show you what are the basic things to choose the principals of Selection of right species of bee for you. 

Availability of species

The first step towards the selection you must have to clear the what types of species is available in the surrounding areas and it suitability. Some times the environmental situation are not favorable for the bee's you kept. The bee's are very sensitive about the environmental behaviors. So always keep this in mind.

Swarming Tendency

Some species have more swarming tendency thats why they don't kept easily and less usefull in commercial use. If we want to sell honey bee to others they don't keep them for long. thats why keep in mind that the species you want to work with have less swarming tendency.


You may also notice the temprament of the bee's if they are aggressive and high temprament then keep away from that bee's. Its very difficult to work with them they are dangerous for you to work with. Because their defence system is more strong to protect themselves. So always find the low temprament behavior type of species. With low aggressions them to show you.

Production of Honey

Some species have less production of honey. If you want to start keep bee's commercially then you find the best honey producing variety of species. If production is low then you can't get more out of your bee's.


We can't find it by self we need a guide and the person who have better experience then us. who is working for long periods. That person can guide you for the best results. If you want any suggestions then you can contact us. Our website gives you the complete information about the beekeeping.

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