How to get rid of giant honey bee nest in your doorway?

What happen if giant honey bee nest in your door or in the house and in window

Giant bees in the home

Its too difficult to remove bee's if giant honey bee's entering in the house and make abode there. In the house there are children and ladies when you enter in the house bee's also flying in the house make very difficult to live with the bee's. 

Bee's sting is very painful if they stung you its not easy to handle the situation at your home. You can't escape from home. Just one solution is remaining to you if you remove bee's or migrate them in to other place away from your home.

But how its possible to remove bee's and transfer them away from your home. I don't suggest you to kill them but I give you some other safe ways to do this for you.

1). Leave the beehive alone

If bee's don't disturbing you and not coming in your ways then you can leave them alone. If they are honey bee's they will pay you for this in form of honey. Bee's are help full to making good natural environment in nature. They will help the plant to pollinate with other plants. Bee have very important role in the world of human and for the earth.

2.) Identify them they are bee's or anything else

You must have to clear about that the species of the bee's. Some other insects are also looked like bee's. It can be wasps, hornets & bumble bee's. The bee's make combs with the wax. So you must have to identify the bee's. However, always call a professional if you're allergic to bee venom. If you’re allergic, a bee sting may cause swelling of the throat or lips, and can in rare cases be fatal.

3.) Find a Bee Keeper to relocate them

The very first thing to do is for you please find a bee keeper near your location. You can find online or connected with online group to help you. If a bee keeper near you is available they will identifying the species and the tell about the behavior of the honey bee's. If the bee behavior is not much aggressive or easily can be keep in the house then they will suggest you the best way to keep them.

If it is not possible to keep bee's there they will kept them in the box and keep them in their apiary after the migration. If bee's are not like that the situations are worst then they also can help you to remove the bee's from your home. May be they will charge for it but soon they will work for you to remove the bee's.

4.) Use smoke

By making of smoke you can get them out from the house. But you must have some precaution before making smoke to them. If you are living in the crowded area surrounding with many houses then first you need to aware them about the situation and give them the date and time when you are removing bee's from your home. Before making smoke empty all the house and no one person in the house. Keep them away during the process.

5.) Use insecticide

You can use insecticide to kill the bee's if nothing works. You can ask the pesticide seller about the type of insecticide is useful to kill the bee's you can use it by spraying on them in the hive. Use daily until they leave the house. Destroy the bee hives totally and remove it from there not to use it again. and seal the area.

These are the some basic steps to get rid over the bee's to remove them from house or on your doorway. If you want any difficulty to remove them after using these 5 technique then you can connect with us we may suggest you some more things to do. Always take care that bee's are very dangerous if you don't know how to handle them you need some tools and experience to handle the situation so don't experiment call the experts.

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