What care should be taken while purchasing honey bee colonies?

Its very important to understand about what to care should be taken while purchasing bee colonies. If you don't know the precautions and importance to know the details what should we need to take care you will have to become in loss. Because you are new to this system and don't know anything about the weaker and stronger sides of the bee keeping.

We have to aware about two things first thing is to know is before purchasing of bees. The second is after the purchasing of bee's. Today I will discuss about the precautions and care about while you are going to purchase the apiary or a Bee Colony.

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The main things to watch carefully in the hives you want to buy a bee colony are followings:

  • You must have to check the hive box carefully about the conditions don't purchase it if the box is damaged or with many holes in the hive. If its too old then notice them and try to reduce the rate of the colony bee box.
  • Check the hives not empty frames in it some times bee keepers for more benefits they fix some empty frames in the box in which nothing will be available like no nectar, no pollen, no eggs, no larva's, no broods. It mean he is just making you fool and selling you an empty frames to earn more money.
  • Check the colony is there any disease in the colony if you find something wrong in behavior or any type of abnormal behavior like bee's dead in the hive, they feel any un-comfort during flying. check their wings not cuts or damage they will be a sign of disease you don't identify early startup.
  • Find good location before purchasing any colony or apiary. Its very necessary to search the location which fits best to the needs of bee's like availability of water, nectar, pollen.
  • To clear about the bee's location not far away from the main road. Bee's must be safe there no one can disturb them when you not available in the apiary.
  • You must also be need some tools for safety and for working with bee's after purchasing bee's. You required bee veil, hive tools, smoker etc.
  • Please purchase some extra empty bee boxes to divide the colony in the season of flora. 
  • Feed the bee's after transferring the bee's in to new place they will take some times may be a week to find new location for food. You can help them by feeding sugar syrup.

Friends these things are main things to notice and you should have to take care while purchasing honey bee's. If you find any difficulty then you can contact with us for any help. You can comment us or for more knowledge you can visit our you tube channel  

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