Survey of the Bee Keepers 2022

Welcome dear friends here you can find the link to join in the survey of Bee Keepers. This survey is not for only one country or area but you can take part in the survey any where in the world and any type of Bee Keeper with different types of bee species.

Why this survey

Everyone wants to know the similar field worker about what the others are doing and how they working different locations and areas with many different atmosphere. The survey is required for any kind of growth we want in the future. The data is more important to make any policy to improve the previous system.

Simple questions

We know that the location of bee's apiary is one the thing everyone don't want to disclose with others. But this survey is not to collect any data which is confidential its normal survey to just a view of the whole beekeepers what they are doing and what they will be doing in the future.

You will give less data and getting more data from others so please don't hesitate to take part in the survey and encouraged other's by sharing the link to them to take part in the survey.

Click this link for survey 

Survey Image