How to prevent your honey bee's from pesticide or insecticide?

Honey bee suck nectar from flowers in flowering season from the plants. They visited daily to collecting the nectar as food source. Nectar is source of carbohydrate for them. They also collect the pollen from plants as a source of protein. You must have to know about the types of flowers they visited for nectar and for pollen. If you know then you must have to select the location for best for bee's to survive or collecting the hidden gold in the nature for you.
Chemical is very harmful for bee's even in very low power of chemical also can harmful for bee's. In the fields if some pesticides are used as a insecticide then bee's were die after visiting the flowers. What you can do to provide the bee better safety from pesticides attack for your bee's. Some times if you are a bee keeper and find themselves very helpless at that time. Here I gives you some suggestions to prevent the situation like this.

1.) If you know the farmers going to use the pesticide tell them to use the spray in the late evening. In the late evening the bee's return to their home. The bee's don't go outside the hive  and the result is less harm to your bee's. Because in the evening bee's don't find any flowers and between the evening and morning the time gap is keeping the pesticide power is less to harm the bee's. This is the first technique to prevent the bee's from die.

2.) Close their entrance while using the spray. If you can stop the bee's not to going outside then your bees have no damage during the spray of any insecticide or pesticides. Check the ventilation in the bee box while you are closing the hive entrance. If necessary then give any extra super box for more space for bee's inside the hive.

3) Migrate the bee's from another location if you want to away from the all risk. Find the good place to locate the bee's on another location up to more then 3 km. from previous location. Bee sure to check the necessary requirement for bee's are available in the new location. Like availability of nectar, pollen, water sources. Then you can survive your bee's not to die with the pesticide or insecticides.

These are the basic things to know about the How to prevent your honey bee's from pesticide or insecticide? If you want to know more about this subject then comment us or contact us.

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