What is Organic Honey ?

An understanding about organic honey & bee's

What is honey?

Honey is sweet and viscous substance made by bee's, In the forest the bee's lived and make their house and they collect nectar from different flowers. They also collect pollen but pollen is not easily harvested in the pure form in early age. Honey is the best food in world and every one like to eat the honey.

Types of honey?

Honey is not only single type but it is of many kinds. Honey depends on many situations and conditions. The main difference is types of bee's there are many types of bee's available in the world. Some are known but some are unknown to humans and the second one is depending on the flowers the bee's visited during collection of the nectar from flowers.

Processed honey

In the market mostly brands who sell honey is processed honey. Up to 50% of honey is not pure its duplicate. I discuss about the duplicate honey in some other articles. The processed honey loss their micro nutrients from honey. After boiling in the indirect heat the micro nutrients also burn. If you want full benefits of the honey you must need to buy it from any bee keeper and its in raw form.

Raw honey

Raw honey comes directly from the bee's after cleaning with sieve. The other substance like wax and other impurities removed from honey with sieve. Processing is very easy and it has no harm to eat the raw honey. All nutrients of the honey is easily remaining in the raw honey. The processed honey have loose their micro nutrients.

Organic honey 

Organic honey collected by bee's from forest area. No chemicals and fertilizers used in the forest that's why it called organic honey. If we placed the honey bee's apiary in the crop areas the farmers used the chemicals like insecticides or pesticides in the fields. The result is the chemical substances also represent in the honey and it will harm bee's and humans when they eat honey. Organic honey is the best form of the to eat. If you buy honey from the bee keepers then you ask them about the quality and the area where they setup their apiary in the forest are in the crops area. He will suggest you the best for you to consume.

We Sell the honey all kinds like raw honey, organic honey and also different types of bee's like apis cerana, apis mellifera.


Raw honey cleaning

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