How many queen bee can live in a bee colony?

Queen Bee

Before you going to start a business of beekeeping or as a hobby you must be understand the mechanism of the bee colony and many more things related to bee's behavior in their society. The whole colony is a united and not lived without each others. If someone is missing totally from the colony then colony doe's not survive more then three months.

Queen bee family

First of all you must have to know that the bee's colony has how many family members lived there together. There are three type of family members in the colony of a Queen.

The Queen Bee

Queen is the mother of all the family members the queen lays eggs then all other family members comes out of the hatching eggs. If the queen is not available in the hive then there is of not any members of the hive can survive. Queen takes maximum decisions in their colony. She know when and how much eggs can need to produce.

The drones/male

The male bee's is called as drone. Drones main function is to mate with queen when she is born and virgin. The drone will die after mating with queen. In a colony 100 drones and more can present at a time. When the dearth period come then drones killed by the worker bee's. Again when the season comes in peak and the food is enough for the survival of the bee's then they produce the drones again as their requirement.

The worker/undeveloped female

The worker bee's in the colony do the maximum work for their colony. They feed the queen as well as the larva's and brings the food to the whole colony. They clean the box, safety for the colony, bringing the food and pollen, water in the colony. The can sting if the danger come and someone try to disturb the colony. 

These three types of colony members work together in colony.

The only one queen can be stay in the colony if other comes and born in the colony then one can swarm with some bee's and make another colony.

Bihari worker

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