Reason of Queen don't egging

Queen bee egging process

The basic reason is to queen bee not egging involving many aspects. If you are a bee keeper you must know what is the cause of your queen not egging well. Here I gives you some general idea about why queen not egging perfectly or her low performance of producing eggs in the colony.

1.) Queen Doesn't mate

Some times a new queen born and unable to produce eggs because she unable to mate with drone. This thing present because if there is no drones available in the colony so check about drones if they don't available in the colony then queen don't mate and queen unable to process the eggs.

2.) Queen is missing

Please check the queen is present in the colony sometimes in the colony queen less then no reason for any egging process in the colony. Only queen can produce eggs if she is not available in the hive then no eggs can be possible and your colony collapse soon.

3.) Queen died

Some times the queen die in the colony for any reason then the result there is no queen in the hive. Some time she die with mishandling or pressed between the frames then you must need to check your colony with carefully and introduce a new Queen in the colony.

4.) Queen is old

If the queen is older then she is not able to produce any eggs or less quantity that's the reason of less egging or no egging in the colony. The life cycle of the bee's very much depending on the egging process. If it is stopped by any reason then colony must be in danger so take care of your queen in the colony regular basis.

5.) Un fertile queen

Some time the queen don't function well due to some thing went wrong during the process of its development. This can also a reason for not egging in the colony.

These are the basic things about not egging or less egging in the bee colony in the hive. If you wat more then comment us for some other reasons.

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