Nectar collection from Bee's

Bee's collect nectar in the colony to use as a food. If the food is less and not sufficient in the colony the colony survival is in danger. The colony must be collapse soon if no food coming from out sources. Bee's working hard to find the nectar and pollen to collect from the flowers. Here I give you some reasons why the bee's are unable to find the food in the dearth period.

1.) Flowering not sufficient

If bee's are unable to find the nectar and pollen it means the flowers are not at present in fields or nature. Some natural flowers always presents in the nature but in the dearth period they are not much sufficient to collect enough food. If this situation occur in the area of your apiary then you need to change the location of the apiary where the food source as a nectar and pollen are available then they survive.

2.) Week colony

The week colony with baby bee's are also less capability to survive and collect nectar and pollen from the natural sources. The baby bee's involve in internal duties during their initial time after they born. That's why in the beginning of their life period they are unable to go outside to collect the pollen and nectar. Its too difficult condition for the colony to survive the result colony goes collapse. If you find these situation in your apiary then you must need to feed the bee colonies with sugar syrup.

3.) Site of the apiary

If the site of the apiary is not good then bee's were unable to collect the nectar from that area. In this situation you need to select a right type of area with rich of nectar and pollen. Then you can solve the problem easily.


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