Where can I contact any private beekeeping farm in Imphal Manipur?

Bee Keeping in Imphal

Imphal is situated in Manipur state in India. Imphal is hills area there are some natural environment to find bee's in the native places of Imphal. When we want to start a bee keeping in the hills areas at any place we need a help to start the bee keeping and the initial knowledge is required to stand alone in the bee keeping. Govt. institutes are not available in all the country to helping all bee keepers in the very beginning. If you want to start the bee keeping you need some private bee keepers in the area you belongs to.

In imphal and anywhere in the world I suggest you some ideas to find the private bee keepers in your areas and how to take help from them to start a bee keeping.

1) Find a Bee keeper in your location

The very first thing is to find a bee keeper who is working with bee's and support you to start your bee keeping work. Its difficult to find alone, If you find one then your work is now very easy. Visit in the apiary and help him to do something for him while working in bee's. He will suggest you how you can help him in his work. Then you learn easily by seeing him how to work with bee's and many more things you can learn by doing.

2) Search Bee Keepers using online links

There are millions of bee keepers working with bee's are now on social media and their websites. You can easily find them online. They will help you to start the bee keeping. We also working for peoples to help them and encouraging them to start the beekeeping as hobby or as a business opportunity. If you want our help we can help you online.

3) Government Trainings

If you are looking for training through Govt. organizations then please visit your district Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dept. of Horticulture, Khadi Gramodhog Mandal these departments providing you the training for beginners to start the bee keeping. These organizations belongs to India not for other country. They will also helps you by giving some subsidy on the bee keeping.

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