In what kind of weather do honey bees sting?

The bee sting is a safety tool for bee's. They will survive from their enemies to avoid them from any harm to the bee colony. Bee's can sting once but some bee's can sting more then once. But its good thing that mostly honey bee's stings only for one time.

Do you know why bee's do stings. The reason of stinging of bees are different in the different situation. Some times they stings due to weather, we discuss today about what are the main reasons of stings by bee's.

Here I give you a small view and reason of their stings. Its important to know when you are working with them. Knowing about their stinging habit you must keep away from them at that time. You can avoid the discomfort by stinging by the bee's.

1) Mishandling while working with them

Some times when we working in the apiary. We disturb them by unknowingly with our actions. If you visiting the colony you need to take care that not to give them sudden shocks don't shake them before the opening box. They fear about danger they will be behaving as a safety guard. So this is the main reason of maximum stinging to the bee keepers.

2) Timing of the bee hive inspection

If we are going to visit to our apiary we must notice the time periods also. If you inspecting them in the wrong time then stings you. The right time is before evening and after early morning. Avoid in the noon if the day is very hot and in the hive there is very high temperature. They work hard to maintain the temperature of the hive if you were open the hive in the wrong time then they  disturbed. Then you can avoid stinging by the bee's.

3) The weather is very important

When you visiting the apiary please don't open the hive in the rainy season. In the rainy season most bee's don't go for the outdoor duties. They all are presented in the hive. The colony is crowded with bee's. So don't open the hive at that time for any inspection. They feel very discomfort at that time so that is not a good habit to visit the hives from inside.

4) Always stand away from their entrance of the hive

If you standing in front of the hive while doing work in the apiary then the bee's entrance must be clear and don't interrupt them. They fly from their bottom board platform and landing place if you stand in the way of them they will disturb and they stings easily without any reason.

5) If the colony is Queen less

Some times it is noticed that if a bee colony is very aggressive there may be a reason of Queen is missing or died and the colony is Queen less. If the colony is Queen less then their colony is in danger and they are in fear so you must have to check the queen if it is missing then replace the colony with a new queen.

These are the basic known things that why and in what kind of weather do honey bees sting? May be more reasons is possible every situation and every colony is unique. We can't judge their behavior before any information about the colony. If you have any questions then you can comment us and ask anything you want to know we will trying to solve all your problems related to bee keeping.

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