How to keep honey clean and safe

Honey is food and medicine also, so there is a need to always keep it very clean. Honey is one of the safest foods in the whole world.

  • If no one touches the honey, it can go for 10-20 years from its harvesting and it will still be good to eat. But if you touch the honey with the dirty hands, put it in dirty bucket or bottles the honey will spoil very quickly. So that everything you use on honey must be always clean.
  • If you want to touch honey, you must be wear clean hand-gloves.
  • If you don’t have hand-gloves then you can wash your hands clean, before you touch honey.
  • The bucket or bottle and anything you use for the honey must be very clean.
  • Wash the bucket or bottle 3-4 times before you put the honey in to the bottle and bucket. Don’t use strong soap or detergent to wash the buckets or bottles.
  • Keep honey to a place that is not too hot or too cool in the room temperature. Don’t allow the children's to play with honey. Don’t put your fingers in to the honey.
  • Always use clean spoon to eat honey or taste honey.
  • Before you put honey in to the bucket or bottle make that sure it is clean and make sure no dirt is present in it.
  • Don’t keep the honey to area with plenty ants and insects. Always keep the honey in to container that can close properly. Honey can absorbs humidity from the atmosphere, if the container is open, the honey will absorb the humidity from outside and start to ferment fast.


Honey cleaning