Bees store honey in bee hives

Storage of honey in Bee Colony

Bee's collect honey from the flowers as a nectar they convert the nectar in to honey. The little hexagon cell is the storage of the honey bee's to store the necessary things they required. In the searching of nectar they visited the flowers to find their food. 

They also collect the Pollen from the flowers and store the pollen in to their house for feeding the bee's newly born. The little new baby bees don't goes outside in search of food they do the indoor work up to 28 days in the hive. They required food for them inside the hive. That's why they need to store the food in the hive.

Larva also required the food and bee's fed them by herself pollen and nectar if the food is not available in the colony the brood can't be survive in its stage the result is colony must be collapse. So you need to take care of bee's for their food storage are sufficient in the hive.

Man also need as a food source as honey and pollen and they get it from bee's be careful if the nectar and pollen not collected from outside by the bee's then you need to feed them artificial sugar syrup and pollen. The cycle of the bee's running smoothly if the food source is available.

Bee's also required the water source if your bee's can't find the water source then they find critical problems to survival so be mindful about these things.

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