Bee Keeping in Urban Area

Some may surprised to know why on earth beekeeper would keep bees in a city area. In fact some of best honey comes from city parks and garden and some areas richer in nectar than many areas of the crops countryside. There are main things to think about beekeeping in urban area is neighbours, neighbours and neighbours. If you want bees your neighbours don't. The neighbours will be scared of bees because many peoples think that honey is produced by nice, bumble bees & so when they see your fast horrid little wasp like things around all over the place, they will not always be pleased or happy about it keep them happy by trying to adhere to the hive placements outlined below and always use known gentle bees.

The main complaint of neighbours in urban areas are bellow:

  • Swarms settling on their own property to make hives there.
  • Bees buzzing around angrily & stinging when you are inspecting the hives of taking honey in urban areas.
  • Bees using water source on their property to food sources.
  • Yellow staining on washing & cars from bee droppings.
You can use two ideal sites for urban bees:
  1.  On roof tops- Many beekeepers in urban areas use rooftops for their hives. These sites are ideal as they are the least likely to affect neighbours & the hives, if well placed, can be kept our of sight, out of sight out of mind.
  2.  Enclosed gardens- Bee gardens need to be as enclosed as possible with high wall in front of and behind hive to encourage the bee's to fly high enough so as not to annoy neighbours. If you are using gentle bees, you should get away with being an urban bee keepers.

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