Bee Keeping in City

Bee Keeping Urban Area
If you want start bee keeping in city or Urban Area it's good idea but you need to know something before taking decision.
In urban area many peoples afraid to see the bees because they can stung them. It's true but it's not much harmful for them. You need to say them it's benefits of bees and stinging then they don't afraid. In the field while they going out side the hive to collect nectar and water they are not much defensive.
Selection of Right Location
First of all you need to select proper place where bees are invisible to other people. "Out of sight out of mind" is a famous quote if people don't see the bee colonies they never objection to you because they forget easily. Give them the source of water near the bee hives so they don't go in the house or tap water in the colony.
Bees required flowers
We must be very clear that the bees used flower as food collections for them it will be available in the area. Otherwise there will be no use to place your apiary there.
The Quantity of bee colony
It is also important to know if there huge quantity of bees at one single place we established then they create problem for you. So in the city area you have some small amount of bees will be allowed to establish.

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