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Hi welcome to my website in this article I want to give you the details of the top 20 honey production countries. Honey is the best food in the world to use for eating and medicinal purpose. In the world 136 countries are producing honey. In the whole world many species are known to harvest honey to consume. China is the most honey producer in the world. China produce 447.005 tons of honey in the year of 2021.

This is a one of the largest amount of honey producer in world. Apis Mellifera is the best known species in the world to get honey of best quality. Some other species of honey bees are, apis dorsata, Apis cerana, The German bee's and more then we know about.

List of top 20 Honey producing countries as bellow:

  1. China
  2. Turkey
  3. Canada
  4. Argentina 
  5. Iran
  6. United States  
  7. India
  8. Russia
  9. Maxico
  10. Ethiopia
  11. Brazil
  12. Spain
  13. Tanzania
  14. Hungary
  15. South Korea
  16. Romania
  17. Angola
  18. New Zealand
  19. Greece
  20. Vietnam

Honey is the best things for the livelihood for the poor peoples and for the business owners who want to earn money with this profitable business.

Our main centre the bee keeping india is situated in India. We promoting the Bee keeping for all over world. to create wealth in form of food and money. Any one want to start the honey production can contact us for proper guidance and business setup. 

You can easily reach to us by our website and social media links we also available on social media like You tube, face book, instagram, linkedin, twitter etc

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