What is the best month to start bee keeping?


Which month is the best to start bee keeping?

Bee keeping is good work for you if you decided to start. You always think in your mind that when you need to start a bee keeping. If you want to start bee keeping you may notice many things before starting bee keeping. Here I gives you some basic idea to find the right time to start the bee keeping in the worlds any country or any area you lived.

1) Start in the beginning of the nectar flow

Beginning of the bee keeping must be start with the starting time of the blooming of the flowers and when the nectar and the pollen coming from outside. The best time comes with the food availability when the nectar coming from flowers and the pollen collected by the bee's are the best possible time to start the beekeeping if you are a beginner. 

In the beginning of the bee keeping business you have more knowledge to start for good business. You required initially good start. If you begin bee keeping in the dearth period then you have more possibility to loss. Bee are very sensitive towards the atmosphere. They collect the food from the nature and they required flowers from which they will collect the pollen as food source. If you start at the time the flowering not available in the nature then they will die with hunger. 

2) Start with minimum of 20 Bee Colony

If you decide to start the bee keeping then you must be start the bee keeping with minimum of 20 bee colony. Its too important not to start with bellow 20 bee colony. If you want to learn many things in bee keeping then you must be start with 20 or more colony of bee's. Your expenses can be manage with the minimum if you start with maximum bee colony. Migration cost is the same for the less bee's and for the more bee's. So take care not to start with the low amount of bee colonies.

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