The steps required for good quality of honey

Quality of honey is very big issue today. When we purchase honey from market we don't know the honey is pure or impure. The honey quality is not only depends on purity and impurity but how the honey will prepare by a bee keeper is more important.

Some people think that if honey crystalized is not pure. So how to define a honey is of a good quality to consume. Quality depends on many different aspects. Here I give you a little brief understanding about to produce the steps required for good quality of honey.

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1.) Only harvested sealed honey

Every bee keeper must be required only harvest the sealed honey. When 70 to 80% honey is sealed by the bee's only then you can harvest the honey. Because in the honey moisture content is high in the unsealed honey. If you harvesting unsealed honey then the moisture content can create fungus in the honey soon. Unsealed honey can't be preserve more time without removing its water content. If a bee keeper harvest honey with low quantity of moisture content then its good quality.

2.) Which types of Flora you use to collect the nectar and pollen

There are various types of flowers in the world to collect the nectar from the different things. The quality of honey is also depended on the types of flowers the bee's visited to collect nectar. If flower has more medicinal values the taste of the honey is also depends on the types of flowers. The smell of the honey is also differ from each others due to flowers type. Some peoples like one type of taste and others were different types of flower honey. If you want to harvest some special quality honey then you must be choose that type of flowers.

3.) Always used Steel honey harvesting machine

Its not recommended to use the Iron honey harvesting machine. Always use a machine of Steel. The main reason to used it is honey contains water content and if machine made by iron then it will be reacted with it so honey quality is going down slowly and you don't even recognize it and don't realize the reason of it. So don't practice the Iron harvesting machine.

4.) Use food grade bucket to store honey

The storage of honey is also important to maintain the quality of honey. If you used any kinds of method to store honey you are going to loose your honey quality. So you always use a good quality of bucket to store the honey. Make sure your bucket and the food storage is in the food grade bucket or in the containers.

5.) Don't harvest honey from brood chamber

In many areas in the world the bee keepers used to harvest honey from brood chamber specially in India. This is wrong practice and never do this only harvest honey from super chambers. You can use super cello box to harvest pure quality of honey.

6.) Don't use antibiotics and any chemical in the bee keeping practice

If you used any kind of chemicals and antibiotics to the bee's for any reason the contents of all the chemicals were presented in the honey. The quality of honey is not good to used and it may be harmful to used this type of honey. So keep this in mind then you don't have face any problems.

Friends these are the main basic steps to required for good quality of honey. If you want any help regarding this subject then please contact us.

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