What is the name of male bee in the hive? As well as the functions

The Life of a Drone and the Education

Today we will know about What is the name of male bee in the hive? As well as the functions

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Can you imagine a bee who don't collect honey, don't sting, don't care of Larva's, don't nurse, don't collect water actually he don't do anything. Yes you think right i am telling about the Drone's. Drones main purpose is only mate with the queen. 

Even they eats more then worker bee's. Their diet is 4 times more then worker bee and they don't do anything to collect food or any other help to grow the bee's. Drones have no restrictions to go to the other bee colony but worker the female unfertilized don't enter in the other colony. They enjoy the life of freedom. They only fly one box to another eating food and doing nothing.

The only work of them is to meting with the Queen to fertile to lays eggs. But this is a enough for them to survive. This work is not a small work and they are made for that. In the nature everything and every creatures have a specific work to do. If they work perfectly then there is enough work for them.

In the society of humans the life is male oriented all the work is done by the males. Females are less active in the society. If we want to understand the laws of the bee's and working of the bees the more control driven by the females. We also need to do the same for the human society. Male must be free from all work then it is no harm to survival of the humans. This may helps the humanity to stop the world war, I think.

Hi I am a bee keeper from India. This is my own thinking that if we make the man free from work then our society is more women oriented the women were more under control of all the activity. The males main use to meting with women that's all. The thought may help us to live a peaceful life for humans. No future is exist for the humanity if we don't change the third world war then fourth and fifth. The history of man is full of war's and war's. If you want to escape from the war's then we must learn from the bee's society.


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