How and where from I take training for beekeeping and dairy?


Is the main thing in all work we wants to do for best results is training. The Bee Keeping is a good work for the nature and for humans livelihood. If we promote the Bee keeping as a food source and for the purpose of the pollination.

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Training centre for Bee Keeping inRamnagar, Kurukshetra, Haryana

The main way to learn the bee keeping is to learn from a bee keeper. You can find a bee keeper near your location and stay with him by helping some little work. When you see a bee keeper doing many things in front of you then you can easily learn this work. In my opinion this is the best option to take training of anything like Dairy farming, Bee keeping, Farmers, Fisheries and Mushrooms.

The other options also available to learn and trained yourself in specific field. I am a bee keeper then i should suggest you about the Bee keeping trainings and also some other training like dairy farming and normally belongs to the agriculture industries.

I belongs to India and in India there are many institutes and training centre's to provide them a better trainings according to your needs. In India one of the big society governed by the leading banks in the District of the states named RSETI (Rural Self Employment Training Institute). They providing all types of self employment schemes to provide the Employment to the youth of rural areas. They provide trainings in the fields of various fields given bellow.

  1. Dairy farming
  2. Stitching cloths (Tailoring)
  3. Piggery farming
  4. Poultry farming
  5. Electrician 
  6. Motor binding
  7. Beauty parlour
  8. Fish farming
  9. Mushroom cultivation
  10. Bee Keeping
  11. Cooking etc.

The every District have also some training available for the people to educate in the field of employments. The institutes are given bellow:

The Indian citizen can take training from these institutes and Govt. organizations. If you have any query regarding training you can contact with us by click on this link

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